Door to Door Cookies

LOCATION 200 Loomis ave , Colorado 80906 DESCRIPTION

This is a fun and family friendly project hosted by the Park Hop group to show the love of Jesus to the Stratmoor Hills neighborhood and beyond. We will make goodie bags with children in mind and deliver them door to door along with an in the name of love card and an invite to the block party. Come and join us! All teams meet at 10 am (200 Loomis Ave) for our SERVEday rally and check in, then you will meet up with your leader and head to your project site!

Not Specified
TIME Start: 7/16/2022 10:00am  End: 7/16/2022 1:00pm SKILLS NEEDED Not Specified SUPPLIES NEEDED Not Specified TOOLS NEEDED Not Specified 0 PEOPLE NEEDED